L.O.v.B. Photography

Lindsay O'Connor van Bergen

{Preparing for your Newborn Session}  Parents often ask how they can prepare for their newborn session.  While capturing "real life" is truly the beauty of an in-home session, spending a few minutes planning for the session can help ensure things run as smoothly as possible on photo day.

Think about what room(s) you want me to shoot in, and tidy up those spaces.  The best rooms will have adequate natural light and space for all family members to be in.  Often times, clients have me shoot family shots in the master bedroom, the nursery or the living room.  It's fun to capture elements of your home, so just think about those special places as you prepare.

When I arrive, I will have about 20 minutes of set up to do.  During that time, it is helpful to feed the baby.  If baby is not ready to eat at that time, we can take a feeding break mid-session if needed.  A typical newborn session is 2-3 hours, start to finish.

I will bring along several wraps, headbands, blankets, etc. to be used during the session.  Typically I will wrap the baby for most, if not all, of the session.  They are happiest that way, and will photograph best if they are snuggled up and sleepy.  If you would like your baby in clothes during family photos, I recommend a simple onesie or something very basic (vs. an "outfit"... they often don't fit/photograph well).

Turn up the heat in your house!  This will help us get a sleepy baby, and will be helpful for shots where baby is "unwrapped" a bit.


Lastly, If there are any specific styles/images that you have seen that you want to share with me for inspiration, please do!  You can share with me via Pinterest or just send me images in an email or text 612-819-4952.  This is totally optional... just if you're looking for something to do at 3am.