L.O.v.B. Photography

Lindsay O'Connor van Bergen



Layer your outfits so you have more variety in your photos. Wear a denim jacket over a colored cardigan over a patterned dress.  Put a striped or plaid shirt under a solid colored sweater to add a subtle pattern. Bring a blazer or scarf to throw on during the photo shoot to create a new look.  Use layering and accessorizing to coordinate without matching.  If gray is a color in your palate, you could put a gray scarf on one person, a pair of gray pants on another, a gray tie on someone else and a gray belt on yet another.  Accessories are a great way to help bring everyone's look together.  They are also a great way to add color and texture, which will add personality to your photos.  Think necklaces, headbands, jackets, bows, ties, hats, belts, jewelry and scarves.

{What to Wear} Selecting outfits for your family is a fun part of preparing for your session.  That said, it can aslo be difficult and overwhelming at times!  When searching for clothes to wear for your photo shoot, start at home!  After you have chosen your color palate, look through your closet to find clothes that will coordinate.  Search through items you alreay own and put together as mush as you can before heading to the store.  If you need to purchase a few items, shop at a store that has clothes for the entire family, as it will make it easier to find items that coodinate.  Gap and Old Navy are great places to start.  Below are some guidelines to help make the process easier and to ensure you and your family are looking fabulous the day of your session.



When planning your wardrobe for the photo shoot, choose 3-5 colors to work with and pick a color palate that will compliment your family and represent the type of photo you want (neutral/earth tones, bold/bright, soft/pastel).  It is not necessary for each person to wear every color in your palate.  Perhaps choose one focal color that can be represented in different ways throughout your family.  This will help your photos look cohesive and coordinate.  Think about the location where the photos will be taken and how the clothes you choose will compliment the setting.  Will you be in a grassy field, by a barn, in an urban setting, by a lake, in the forest or in your home?  In addition, think about the purpose for the photos and how they will look framed in the place you intend to hang them in your home. 


Choose clothing that coordinates, but isn't matchy-matchy.  Try to avoid dressing everyone in the same color or type of clothing.  Use a combination of pants, dresses, jackets, shirts and sweaters to create interesting combinations.  In addition, mix textures and patterns to enhance visual interest.  To spice it up, pair polka-dots and stripes; plaid and herringbone; floral and gingham. If you choose a neutral or earthy palate, create interest in your photos by using different textures in your clothing accessoris (denim, wool, silk, faux fur, lace, leather, ruffles).  Try to avoid clothing that has large graphics or text.  Before the photo shoot, lay out the clothes you have chosen to see how they look together.  Place them in different arrangements to visualize multiple poses.  Try to coordinate the outfits so any combination of poses will work.


The shoes you choose are important!  You can either choose shoes that will stand out as an accessory (red flats or tall brown boots) or you can choose shoes that are neutral and blend in with the photo.  Either way, your shoes will be in the picture so be intentional when choosing what you wear to cover your toes! Avoid bulky tennis shoes.  Think about the overall theme of your photo session and find shoes that will coordinate.  Often times, NO shoes are the best bet, especially for indoor sessions and summer sessions.


Keep it simple when dressing your new little one for their first photo shoot. Less is more in the way of clothing and accessories. Newborn wraps will be provided during the session.  If you wish to have your baby in an outfit as well, choose a few basic onesies or simple cotton outfits.  Try to avoid dressing your newborn in "real" clothes like jeans, collared shirts, sweaters or elaborate dresses.  Let the focus of the photo be on their sweet newborn face and tiny little features.  Keep the accessories simple and sweet so they don't become the focus of the photo.  Knit hats and small headbands are fun accessories that can easily be added or removed during the photo shoot. For more information on how to prepare for your newborn session, click here


Choose clothing that your kids feel comfortable wearing. Make sure they can move freely in their outfits. Also try to avoid numerous outfit changes during the shoot by being prepared. Change up your look quickly with layers and accessories. Lastly, try to select clothes that make you feel stunning and look relaxed.